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is there a limit to how big of a file that i can edit through winscp? what are the limitations? - i have tried to open a 2gb, 1gb and now 512mb file through the internal editor and switching to notepad and am not having much luck (2gb and 1gb both got out of memory errors) 512mb is just hanging... anyone have any insights to this? winscp version is 5.5 on win7 box with 8 gb memory


well it appears that per microsoft that thy recommend nothing larger than 54k for notepad editor. Anyone know what the max filesize that can be edited with the internal editor ? Martin ??
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The only explicit limit is about 2 GiB. In practice you get much less that this, depending on version of Windows, your available memory and structure of your file.

Generally would should not have any problems with files of few MiB up to tens of MiB.

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