UI freeze during directory listing (w/only 280 files inside)



UI freeze during directory listing (w/only 280 files inside)


I have been using WinSCP for years now and even made donations to show my support. Today I think I've run into an actual bug (note: I have already reported a legitimate bug before which was fixed, years ago. Yes, that makes me feel useful.)

Bug description:
I'm browsing the files on my server via SFTP. It's fine. But when I go to this particular folder: /etc/ssl/certs, WinSCP systematically freezes. I wait for like 4-5 minutes, but nothing comes up. I've had to kill the process and restart it, after 5 attempts it still fails the same way.

How I've attempted to troubleshoot it
I have killed the process and restarted WinSCP 5 times. The same thing happened every time.
It doesn't make any sense to me. The folder doesn't contain a lot of files. Here is the full output when I run "ls -l /etc/ssl/certs":

There's only 286 files in that folder. I think maybe it might have something to do with symlink resolving? but I don't get why it would take so much time. If that's the case, this thread could be labelled as "IT'S NOT A BUG, IT'S A FEATURE", but in that case the GUI could maybe use some improvement to show a progress bar or something... ? Or maybe this is completely unrelated and it's an actual bug.

Setup info
- WinSCP version: I was using a 5.X older version, then I upgraded to 5.5.1 and it's still happening.
- Windows 8 professional, 64 bit
- Transfer protocol: SFTP
- GUI version
- Server is Debian 64 bit, latency is high due to my current location (300ms)

Thanks for the help if anything can be done!
I am ready to give Martin access to my server as it doesn't contain anything critical.
You may contact me at "kostello@NOSPAM!!!.com" (replace nospam by Google's well known mail service)

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