problem with different case filenames



problem with different case filenames

(sorry for cross-posting, but after my initial query turned into a feature request, i thought it best to post here as well)

hi all,

i have a problem with case preservation WinSCP-ing from a Unix host to a windows machine.

i have several files in the same directory with the same name, but different case. eg: "seek" all in lowercase and "SEEK" in uppercase. they are distinctly different files under unix, but of course they overwrite in WinSCP when copying to windows.

i can't think of an easy solution, but perhaps here is an idea. could the file be renamed in such a format that would automatically be recognised by WinSCP when copying back?

for example:

(unix to windows)
SEEK would copy as SEEK
seek would copy as seek;;1
SeeK would copy as SeeK;;2

when WinSCP sees the ";;n" addition, it strips it off and keeps the case when copying back.

does this sound like a worthy addition?

and to quickly answer an obvious response - no, i can't TAR the files up because my version of TAR won't handle files greater than 2GB in size and my main databases are greater than this size. SCP-ing to another machine is my only easy way to backup files.

feedback appreciated!

cheers, wizdude

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Re: problem with different case filenames

You are right, currently I do not consider it to be a worthy to implement it. However let's leave your request here, maybe more people will add a vote :-)

Also I'm afraid I have no hint for you :-(

I have deleted you duplicate post from Support forum.
Martin Prikryl

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