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I need to log the Byte counts per file but I do not see the ability using the TransferEventArgs.


' Print results
Dim transfer As TransferEventArgs
For Each transfer In transferResult.Transfers
Console.WriteLine("Upload of {0} succeeded", transfer.FileName)
f.Writeline(current_date & "_" & current_time & " Upload of " & transfer.FileName & " TO " & transfer.Destination & " succeeded ")

I also attempted to make use of session.XmlLogPath = LOG_PATH & file_Name & ".XML" as an alternative but Bytes where not part of the Tags.

<group name="put -nopermissions -nopreservetime -transfer=&quot;binary&quot; -filemask=&quot;|*/&quot; -- &quot;C:\TEST\FTP\OUT\SSH\*.*&quot; &quot;/app01/Opalis/TEST_IN/&quot;" start="2014-03-11T16:53:04.951Z">
<filename value="C:\TEST\FTP\OUT\SSH\SSH_OUT.txt3" />
<destination value="/app01/Opalis/TEST_IN/SSH_OUT.txt3" />
<result success="true" />
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This is not supported.
Request added to tracker:
Martin Prikryl

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