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"New file" (shift-F4) function does not work properly when an existing file has been selected. In this case, "Edit file" (F4) is invoked instead. This is happening on new 5.5.2 version but also in previous versions. I think it is a "bug" rather than a feature because often I'got some file selected but I don´t want to edit the file but create a new one. In this situation I have to deselect the file or change the filename that appears. Futhermore, it could be "dangerous" because you could modify an existing file inadvertently.
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Thanks for your report. Though I cannot reproduce this. All that changes when a file is selected is that a name of the file in pre-filled to a dialog box where you specify a name of the new file. While the Edit command opens the selected file straight away in editor.


Hello Martin,
Sorry, I was wrong, I see the name of the preselected file in the dialog box as you say and I thought it was the "edit" function. Anyway, the situation is the same, for me at least: I usually have to create a new file with some text I got in the clipboard. In early versions, "new file" appeared in the dialog box, I entered "return", filled the file with the text from the clipboard, closed the file and then renamed it with some other selected text in the clipboard. When the preselected filename started to appear in the dialog box, I had to change it with some temporary name (and be careful not to enter and modify the existing file inadvertently). I would just prefer the "new file" in the dialog box, but it is not important, anyway.
Thank you and congratulations for your great work,

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