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I am having a very bothersome issue with timestamp. I am synchronizing a local mapped drive with a SFTP I have set up where clients send me files.

I have scripted this out and everything works fine at first. The files are brought over from the SFTP and the date they were created on the SFTP is replicated on my home machine. For instance a file from a customer that was sent on 3.14.14 would be just that. HOWEVER and this is a MAJOR however. When I come back after a day or so and look at the file.. I see the date that I brought over the file instead.. Which makes my head hurt.. I need to absolutely keep the timestamp from SFTP so I know when the client sent the file.. I dont care at all about when I pulled the file over..

I am manually running a batch script since Winscp has a heart attack when used with Windows Task Scheduler... Here is a look at the text document. Mind you it works great just somehow the stamps are updated magically when I come back after the work day. No additional scripts running, only me on computer.. it is turned off daily (issue?)

Synchronize -preservetime -filemask="*.xls;*csv;*.pgp;*.xlsx;*.txt;*gpg" local "C:example" "/sftpexample/"

Are there additional setting in Winscp itself that could help resolve this issue???


The batch file looks something like this if that helps.. Although I assume this can be resolved by a setting withing Winscp.... or local machine?

"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe" /console /log="C:\Example\!S!M!D!Y!T.log" /Script=example.txt
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If you disconnect and reconnect immediately after the upload, what does the timestamp look like?
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