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I've no real knowledge of WINSCP but have managed a simple batch file to put 2 files on a server and need a means of confirming the transfer was successful each time it is run.
The XML file looks like this:
<session name="*" start="2014-05-14T14:32:16.944Z">
<filename value="c:\sp.txt"/>
<destination value="/home/sp.txt"/>
<result success="true"/>
<filename value="/home/sp.txt"/>
<modification value="2014-05-09T14:12:03.000Z"/>
<result success="true"/>
<filename value="c:\sp1.txt"/>
<destination value="/home/sp1.txt"/>
<result success="true"/>
<filename value="/home/sp1.txt"/>
<modification value="2014-05-09T14:12:03.000Z"/>
<result success="true"/>

Can anyone help with an xslt file so I can allow users to read results easily or is there a better way to confirm transfer success?

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The best (and easiest) method is simply to check WinSCP exit code:

Alternatively, if you want to verify individual transfers, I recommend you use WinSCP .NET assembly.
See this example:
and TransferOperationResult class:
Martin Prikryl

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