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Hi there

Quick overview of the architecture:

A BitVise server in one domain, WinSCP client in another. Firewall in the middle with port 22 open. I'm using a script to copy around 2GB of files on a daily basis from the remote server to the local client using the /synchronise switch.

This has been working, but at the moment it's as slow as a wet week. The connections stays up, but communication keeps stopping and starting.

The specific error is: "Host is not communicating for more than 15 seconds". My hunch is that this is a network issue. I've tried turning off "Optimize connection buffer size", but it makes no difference.

Here's the script:

open connection -hostkey="ssh-dsa 1024 hostkey"
synchronize -filemask=e1.gdb/ local e:\transfer\gis /e/ops/transfer/gis

I've attached the log. Eventually, files start copying again, but then stop for a while, then start again... etc.. etc...

Before I engage our network team, is there anything else I need to check?
log.txt (141.96 KB) [Download]

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I believe that talking to network team is the best you can do atm.
Martin Prikryl

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