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I try to install Kaazing WebSocket Gateway on a DNS to which I have root access and with which I communicate through WinSCP. I use the step-by-step guide from Kaazing. All goes well until I arrive at step 10 where it says:

On Linux/Mac, run the following command from the terminal:

When I do so I get the output as described in the guide, including the message that the server succesfully started, but the process doesn't seem to come to an end. After a while I get the message that the host " not communicating any more. Waiting..." I'm using the Dutch version, so this is a translation of the Dutch message that I get. At that point I can choose between clicking the abort-button, which means thet the connection will be aborted, or waiting until the message disappears. After 4 hours of waiting the message is still there, so I better click the abort-button. Which means that the output from the terminal disappears and I have to reconnect to my DNS. So I'm still not sure if the websocket is functioning properly. Does it? Or is there something else that I should do?

Thanks for helping me out.
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If ./gateway.start is synchronous script, it hangs WinSCP. That's expected. I suppose the gateway is running as long as the script is running. If you really need to run the script from WinSCP (I wouldn't expect that) you can create a wrapper script that calls ./gateway.start & to run the gateway in the background, not to block WinSCP.
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Based on your description, it sounds like this is a winscp issue. If you feel you need help with Kaazing, feel free to reach out for help through the Kaazing forums on

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