Copy directory tree from remote host



Copy directory tree from remote host


I'm copying a complex, remote directory tree to my work windows machine.
I Select the folder and drag it to my local computer. I release the left mouse button, WinSCP gives me 2 options:
- Copy here;
- Cancel;
I select "Copy here".

The files are copied, but the sources are deleted.

As far as I've learned and know from my 10 years of hitting the keyboard:
1. COPY: copy the files and leave the source in place;
2. MOVE: copy the files and delete the source.

It's not an actual bug, but an interface inconsistency that can have dire consequences.

Yes, I have seen the window prompt "Download and delete", but I have selected COPY in the first place and I expect the software to not change it's mind mid process.

Using WinSCP 5.5.4 on Windows 7 Pro.

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Re: Copy directory tree from remote host

Thanks for your report.

Can you send me an email, so I can send you back a debug version of WinSCP to track the problem? Please include link back to this topic in your email. Also note in this topic that you have sent the email. Thanks.

You will find my address (if you log in) in my forum profile.
Martin Prikryl

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