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It would be great if there'll be implemented a feature when user can add directory to shortcuts.

Something like:
How it will appear in GUI: A toolbar - three buttons alongside: default location, select location, add new shortcut.
Left button is relatively wide, smth about 50px wide, it holds default shortcut. When user presses it - directory shortcut leads to oppens. Only name is displayed.
Second button is smth about 20px wide. When user clicks it, a dropdown with all shortcuts opens.
Right most button is also smth about 20px wide. When user clicks it a text prompt appears to set name of shortcut. After user sets name, currently oppened directory is added to directory shortcut list. If user closes text prompt then latest folder will be used as shortcut name, e.g. from "D:/MyProject/WorkingFolder" "WorkingFolder" will be used as shortcut name.

Dropdown appearance: A vertical list of shortcuts.
It consists of columns: an icon showing that shortcut is set as default (or button to set shortcut as default); wide "name+directory" field, remove from list button. First two colums (icon and "name+directory") open selected directory on click.
"Name+Directory" field consists of two rows. First row in larger/bolder text shows name of shortcut. Second row with a little left offset shows full directory. If directory name is too long it is stripped at the middle and "..." is added at place of shortening. E.g. "E:/XAMPP/htdocs/TestProject/includes/config.php" is stripped to "E:/XAMPP/htdocs...ludes/config.php"
See attached example image.
dropdown list.jpg (54.16 KB) [Download]

Description: Dropdown List (with select default shortcut button)

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That's almost what the Location Profiles feature does:
Martin Prikryl

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