NonEmpty Downloaded File appears 0 bytes first time!



NonEmpty Downloaded File appears 0 bytes first time!

I install winscp in a windows 2008 server to download file from a ftp server. and make the directory of the downloaded file to a share directory, in order that another windows server(windows 2003) can access and process the downloaded file . And all of this is working fine.

But recently, to improve the efficency and security of the server , my team changed the windows 2003 to a redhat server, windows 2008 still remain. And we use the mount command to make the red hat server can access the share directory in windows 2008.

The mount command just like the following:
"mount -t cifs -o username=administrator,password=qwer1234 // /mnt/win"

As times goes by, recently, sometimes I use FTP client to login the red hat ssh server, and then I check the share folder (/mnt/win)in the windows 2008(// ) , I find one or two Downloaded File in the ShareFolder is 0 bytes, and when I open with notepad, I see nothing, no any character in the file !

But when I move this file to any directory in the red hat , the file shows the content! I mean it gets the sizes! Not 0 bytes any more! and when I open with notepad, I can see some content in the file!

All those mentioned above is when I use FTP client to view the red hat linux, but when I check the downloaded directory in the windows 2008 directly, I found the downloaded file is normal, not empty, and I don't need to move the file to show the content.

The 0 bytes NonEmpty Downloaded File just happend once in a while, not always. But I have to process these file manually, it's very inconvenience, who can tell me what's wrong?

I use the version 5.5.2(Build 4130).

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Re: NonEmpty Downloaded File appears 0 bytes first time!

By the "FTP client", do you mean WinSCP or any FTP client? Did you try any other?
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