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Hi WinSCP-Team,

I have a game server running on the port 25000 and SSH port 25022. Have Win-SCP as the Putty.exe configured to login with is started. The problem is the port is not forwarded to Putty.exe.

My ask would be the function of -Load of Putty.exe to use with WinSCP, by Config dialog in login and save the config in WinSCP a login name the same session file automatically created for Putty.exe.

Wish would be worth in Config WinSCP following parameters of Putty.exe (with examples of what I need):

Category "Windwow" - Columns and Rows (200 x 50)
Category "Windwow-Translation" - Remote Character Set (UTF-Cool
Category "Windwow-Colours" General Options for colour usage (Allow terminal to specify ANSI-Colour)
Category "Connection-SSH" - Enable Compression (true)
Category "Connection-SSH" - Preferred SSH protocol version(2)

these were few examples what I need!

Summary fo each other, so that the WinSCP Putty session designed correctly the Window of Putty.exe (Because ASCII characters block problem as Linux MC File Manager) and SSH Connection (if anyone uses via login and password or with Putty.exe via keyfile)

With advance thanks Smile


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Sorry, I'm not sure if I understand. Do you want WinSCP to understand -load command-line switch, so that winscp.exe can be used instead of putty.exe with applications that have use of -load hard-coded?
Martin Prikryl

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