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Hello all,
debian server
We are 2 winscp users, "seb" and "geo", in the same group "group1"

when "seb" create file "test_seb.txt" on server with winscp , it is OK, file has "seb" as owner and "group1" as group
when "geo" create file "test_geo.txt" on server with winscp , it is OK, file has "geo" as owner and "group1" as group

now when "seb" wants to update "test_geo.txt", (download it on PC, modify it, and upload it in the same place on server), update is OK but owner don't change, it should be transform by "seb"

So with WinScp :

1 - download file
2 - modify file
3 - upload file to same place , overwrite the old one, to update it
=> owner don't change


1 - download file
2 - modify file
3 - delete old file
4 - upload file to same place
=> OK owner change

So is there an option to tell winscp : When there is overwriting => delete old one and replace by new one ?

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Found !

I create a recycle bin on server with full rights 777 "/home/user/custom_recycle_bin/"

on my connection :

1 - > edit > advanced options
2 - On the left recycle bin > check "put overwriting file in bin (SFTP)
3 - Replace "/tmp" by the new path I ve just created "/home/user/custom_recycle_bin/"

then in general WinScp OPtion

on the left panel : transfert
then edit the "defaut" params
check "changer permissions" to RW-RW-R--

it works

each time, user "seb" and "geo" update files , the last "modifier man" name is shown on the owner column on server panel

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Thanks for sharing your solution.
Thanks will work indeed, though I would recommend you to enable Transfer to temporary filename instead.
I will spare you from having overwritten files stack up in the "recycle bin" (unless you really want that).
Martin Prikryl

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