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I am using WinSCP 3.6.8 to connect to VanDyke's VShell Server. I can connect ok and am allowed to see multiple shares, but can only see one. If I open the bookmarks button and enter the share name, it shows, but they don't show by default. Is there a way to have them show without having to "force" it?


BTW.. very nice software!
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I do not know how the Vandyke server works with shares (whatever it is). I suppose that it works similarly to how it works with drives. I.e. there is no "root" folder where you can see list of available drives. So you have to manually type the path to other drive to open it. That's limitation of the server, not of WinSCP. In fact the server provides proprietary extension to SFTP protocol to list the drives. I can use it in WinSCP. But as it is server-specific and current user poll shows that only 2% of WinSCP uses connects to Vandyke shell, it is probably not worth the time. I'll see Smile
Martin Prikryl

I appreciate the reply. I wasn't sure how the shares worked with different clients. Using the VanDyke client shows them all but I guess that's something specific to their version.

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