Automation of downloading script


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Automation of downloading script

I need to download three files everyday at 7:00 a.m. from a remote server, and place them on my desktop (then a sql server job picks them up and inserts into the tables).

When signed-in the remote server, there are 3 folders as follows:

<Folder 1>
<Folder 2>
<Folder 3>

In the <Folder 3>, there are two more folders and six files (three of them are log and the other three are text files). I need to download the ‘txt’ files, which are shown in red color below:

<archive folder>
<old folder>

Please note that the number <12345> is dynamic and it changes everyday.

To test with one file, I wrote the script to automatize the downloading of the file as below:

/command "option batch abort" "option confirm off" "open sftp://<user>:<password>@< >/<Folder 3>/<abc_*_txt>" "get c:\<local_filename.txt>" "exit"

Since the number part of the file name changes dynamically everyday, I have used ‘*’.

In Windows 7, I have scheduled a task to run the script automatically, and placed the above script in ‘Add arguments (optional)’ field. The ‘Program/script’ field looks as follows: ‘C:\Users\Downloads\winscp571setup.exe’

At the designated time (7:00 a.m) the Windows7 task scheduler is triggering the task. But the task “appear to” run endlessly and not completing the run even after 2 hours (the file being tested is of 6000 bytes. Other files are very huge).

Please help me with the correct script and the steps I need to follow.

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Re: Automation of downloading script

There's no red color in your post, so I do not know which files you want to download.

Anyway, the command-line would be like (with WinSCP 5.7.1):

/log="c:\path\winscp.log" /command "open sftp://<user>:<password>@<>" "get ""/Folder 3/*.txt"" ""c:\<local_filename.txt>""" "exit"

Note that I added a /log switch, so that you can inspect the log, if you still have problems.


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