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I'm attempting to automate a process where I'm combining multiple csv files into one and then send it to a server that only supports WebDAV. I have figured out the combining the files into one file with a c# program I have written. However I added the winscpnet.dll to my project to accomplish the sending portion and when I type "Protocol." I only see FTP, SCP, & SFTP as choices.

From what I had seen on your sight, the WebDAV protocol should be available in the .NET assembly. Is that true and if so how can I get it? If it matters, I'm currently using 5.7.1.

Thanks in advance, and perhaps this has been asked before but I was not able to find it.
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Are you sure you have the 5.7.1?

There's definitely Webdav option in Protocol enum in 5.7.1:

public enum Protocol
    Sftp = 0,
    Scp = 1,
    Ftp = 2,
    Webdav = 3,
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In looking into this, I may have accidently attached 5.5.6 to the program originally, however I did remove the dll and had ensured I put 5.7.1 in it's place from the "" before I submitted my question in the forum and it wasn't working either. I had even closed out my visual studio session and restarted it and it still wasn't coming up. Today is the first time I have reopened the project and it's displaying all 4 protocols now. So that is odd.

Sorry for the delay in responding but I had found an acceptable workaround using scripts written by the WebDAV website programmers. If I get the time, I might relook at this to get it working without there scripts.

Thank you for your assistance.

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