VanDyke Vshell with WInSCP



VanDyke Vshell with WInSCP

Hey all-

I cant conntect to a windows ssh server. I have done all of the normal changes to the properties such as no user lookup etc. Can anyone help?

Here is the log file:

. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
. WinSCP Version 2.2.0 (Build 122)
. Login time: Monday, February 03, 2003 2:40:57 PM
. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
. Session name: alex_gregory@localhost
. Host name: localhost (Port: 22)
. User name: alex_gregory (Password: Yes, Key file: No)
. SSH protocol version: 2; Compression: No
. Agent forwarding: No; TIS/CryptoCard: No; KI: Yes
. Ciphers: aes,blowfish,3des,WARN,des; Ssh2DES: No
. Ping interval: 0 sec (0 = off); Timeout: 15 sec
. SSH Bugs: A,A,A,A,A,A,A,
. Proxy: none
. Return code variable: Autodetect; Lookup user groups: No
. Shell: /ssh/sh, EOL: 1
. Local directory: default, Remote directory: /, Update: No
. Clear aliases: Yes, Unset nat.vars: Yes
. Alias LS: No, Ign LS warn: Yes, Scp1 Comp: No
. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
. Looking up host "localhost"
. Connecting to port 22
. Server version: SSH-2.0-VShell_2_1_2_143 VShell
. We claim version: SSH-2.0-PuTTY-Local: Jan 26 2003 11:53:20
. Using SSH protocol version 2
. Doing Diffie-Hellman group exchange
. Doing Diffie-Hellman key exchange
. Host key fingerprint is:
. ssh-dss 1024 6a:3f:50:6c:50:df:08:40:de:0b:f0:ac:48:0d:dc:2e
. Initialised AES-256 client->server encryption
. Initialised AES-256 server->client encryption
. Sent password
. Access granted
. Opened channel for session
. Unexpected response to shell/command request: packet type 95
* (ESshFatal) Unexpected response to shell/command request: packet type 95



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Re: VanDyke Vshell with WInSCP

This is description how to setup WinSCP for OpenSSH for Windows. May help with VanDyke too.
When you run WinSCP you'll need to make some quick changes before connecting to an OpenSSH on Windows server. Unfortunately, you'll need to make these changes every time you define a new host. After making the changes, however, you can save them for that host.

When the Login dialog comes up make the following changes on the designated tabs:
Fill in the hostname, port, username, and password or key file.
Turn on enable compression and use SSH2 as the default protocol.
Enter "/ssh/sh" as your shell. Uncheck Lookup user groups. Switch the end-of-line character to CR/LF.
Change remote directory to "/".

When connecting you may get an error message regarding pagefile.sys. Disregard this message. By default you'll get a copy confirmation dialog box. This can be disabled in the options.

If text files bloat during transfer, make sure you set the end-of-line character to CR/LF for windows servers. Unix servers should be left at the default. When downloading large, already compressed files I'd recommend disabling scp compression. It'll make things REALLY slow.

By default you'll be placed in C:\ when connecting. You can connect to other drives using the cygdrive notation. To move to the d drive go to /cygdrive/d/.

Here's a handy little trick. Go into c:\ and create a directory called "cygdrive". From then on, when connecting via WinSCP, you'll be able to open that directory and see all available drives.

Martin Prikryl

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