Help with call command



Help with call command


I've been trying to get this to work for a week now and finally decided to post for help.
My Setup
Server -> Windows 7 Pro 32bit running with OpenSSH
Client -> Windows 7 Pro 32bit using WinSCP command line

Purpose: Upload a zip file to Server "c:\update\" and execute to run a batch file "xtract.bat" (xtract.bat is not only extracting the upload file it has other jobs to do in server).
Upload is working from Client to Server /cygdrive/c/update.

Issue: Once the upload is finish I cannot call a !command to run xtract.bat in the server.

What I've tried:
1) call !c:\update\xtract.bat
2) call !cmd.exe c:\update\xtract.bat

When I review the log the call !command connects and loads the session. But I don't see the command getting push/pass to the session.

Either I don't understand the call !command works or I'm doing something wrong or I need to configure something on my Server Side OpenSSH or Client side.

Please help and I've included the log with this post.

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