search function features and directory listing buglet



search function features and directory listing buglet

hi martin, i have an idea about a new addition if you're up to it ?

search feature: more right-click commands and usable on multiple lines selected together. Like

- open folder(s), which could basically open a new session and land in those folders, notice the plural here, the focus button is useful but only for 1 line or folder of the results.

- more standard functions like copy, cut, rename, delete added to the context menu on multiple lines if possible. Using the windows standard copy, cut & paste metaphor for files.

- non-modal search window, to allow working while searching.

- less strict about using the * character for end of search text.

Knowing the file exists, i knew the search wasn't working like we're used to nowadays with all the search engines including google and other web searches like in forums, that don't require * to find something.

i know its at the file level but still, i think we can do that here too, use what's written in the search to find files that contain all these words as part of the names. i think it would really open things up considering it would also find files that have these words as part of longer words. it might be useful.

it's basically the same as having the * there, just not as strict about it.


One thing i find crucial is to keep the file & folders panes updated as much as possible.

So i've set the refresh at 5seconds, i just prefer not to have an old directory listing while i work in it. i wonder how M$ does it for their explorer but i'd very much like to see that kind of refresh rate in winscp.

Speaking of that refresh delay, the file pane has a bug , well not a bug but an annoyance really, that happens whenever i am scrolling a long list of files, it always jumps back to whichever file is selected.

i know there's a feature in some programming languages to keep selected list entries onscreen after a list refresh, but it is annoying none the less.

And totally unnecessary, could u see if you could do something for that please?

The same problem occurs even if i set the timer to 1 or 2 minutes.

in explorer mode, one addition i'd like to see would be to add a "my computer" icon like in Explorer with the PC's hdds and its folders. it would be usefull to copy and move files back and forth between the computer and server easily just by drag & dropping files in winscp without all the background ftp type action happening.

Anyway i'd like to hear your input on these features request, if you have questions or comments

Thank you for reading,

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Re: search function features and directory listing buglet

I agree on majority of your suggestions (and I even plan to add them). Though most of them are pretty hard to implement. So it takes time.

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