Topic "When I double-click a file, WinSCP opens it as a folder (and fails)"

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For some reason, with a particular server of mine, WinSCP won't allow me to double-click to edit a file.
The server runs Debian 7 64 bits.

When I double click any file, for example /root/index.php (the file is listed normally in WinSCP, it has the icon for PHP files), WinSCP tries to actually browse /root/index.php/ as a folder. And it fails, giving me an error message.

Normally, from the settings I've configured, double clicking the file should open the editor (and thats what it does for every other of my servers).

A screenshot of the error message:

What I've tried to fix the problem
- I have checked the settings for double clicking: opening/editing/etc all options have no effect
- I have upgraded to the latest version of WinSCP
- I have tried logging in with other servers that I own: it works fine. It's only happening for this server.

It didn't use to do that, I don't know at which point it started doing that...

Any ideas?

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You have probably disabled Resolve symbolic links session option.
What you describe is a side effect.
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hello Martin,

thanks for your reply.
you are correct, that was the problem.

I apologize for wasting your time Sad I did take the time to research the problem, both on Google and in the documentation, but I had missed this (I didn't think there was a connection).

Congratulations for your success and keep up the good work!

best regards,

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