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Working on debugging a bad sftp connection here, and get puzzled by the log in dialog.

It says "searching for host". I do not know what that means, should it be "resolving host", which indicates a DNS session is in place, or is it "connecting to host" meaning a session is being initiated with target host?

I would love for the message to be something in the line of

1. Resolving host ""

- DNS SYN request sent to DNS server ""
- DNS ACK request received from DNS server ""
- DNS SYN-ACK request sent to DNS server ""
- DNS resolve request sent using DNS server "" on UDP port 53, waiting for answer
- DNS resolve response "": has IP

Or if error
- DNS resolve response from server "": "": NXDOMAIN
- DNS request timed out (typically 2 sec)
- DNS server rejected connection

2. Connecting to SSH server at "" on port

- SYN sent
- ACK received
- SYN-ACK received
- Banner received, server identifying itself as running SSH protocol 2.x

Or if error
- connection refused, received RST packet
- connection timed out, received no packets in <timeout> seconds

3. Authenticating
Challenge received
Challenge response sent

On working connections, this would be very fast and short, and on failing ones it would be very useful...

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OK, will consider this.

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