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I think WinSCP should cache the user name if the password is cached but the user name is not in WinSCP's site configuration. (I'm not entirely sure whether this should be considered a bug report or a feature request, but WinSCP's current behaviour seems inconvenient to me.)

- Save a site to the WinSCP configuration with a host name but without a user name or password.
- Connect to the site, enter the user name and password when prompted and choose to cache the password.
- Cause WinSCP to have to reconnect to the server, e.g. by disconnecting and reconnecting to the internet or returning from Windows hibernation.

WinSCP reconnects to the server using the cached user name and password (this is what would happen if the user name and password were stored in the configuration).

WinSCP prompts the user for the user name to use, often twice (I suspect this might be due to a server-side authentication time-out). The cached password is used. The fact that WinSCP's remote files panel is not repainted before the connection succeeds makes this more inconvenient, because if you have multiple accounts on the same server, it is hard to tell which one was used for the current WinSCP tab (you can only see the server name).

WinSCP 5.7.5 build 5665
Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64
SFTP (but would apply to other protocols as well)
Commander interface style
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Good point. Thanks for reporting this.
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You're welcome, děkuji Smile

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