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I'm pretty new to WinSCP. The existing setup on the production server was there when I was assigned the task. I'm pretty much coming in blind.

When I log into the server with WinSCP and download a file, I get atrocious download speeds. At the time of writing this I've been waiting exactly 2 hours for a download and received only 289,305 KB. Which is an average speed of just over 40 KB/s (40.18125.)

I can log into the ftp site and download the same file in seconds via a browser. I know that SFTP is supposed to be slower but something just feels wrong with what I'm seeing. I just don't know enough to figure out what's going wrong. I see people saying that they're getting average speeds in the MB/s ranges.

I am on version 4.3.2 which I know is pretty old and I'm trying to make a case for updating to see if that helps but I don't have much weight to throw around.

Aside from updating to the latest version, are there any improvements I can make to speed this up? Over 2 hours to download this file isn't going to cut it and we can't keep doing it manually forever.
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We just cannot give you any statement on 4.3.2. Sorry. It's a way too old. I cannot tell what improvements were made since.
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On the topic of upgrading then, can we have multiple installs of WinSCP? As in keep the currently working version installed while we install the latest release and test?
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Nvm, answered my own question. Yes.

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