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I'm using the iOS app Air Sharing, which brings a WebDAV server to the iPhone/iPad. I'm using version 3.5 which is the the latest release.

Using the Windows application NetDrive or MacOS X I'm able to access the WebDAV without any fuss, but WinSCP seems to be having an issue of not showing directory contents, though it does get, what - as far as I can see - a correct response to its PROPFIND request. It's the first time I try the WebDAV implementation of WinSCP, so I don't know if it is something new.
Uploading files is no problem, they do get to the WebDAV correctly and are accessible from the iPhone.
The server is running on port 65100 - I've also tried to have it on 80, generating the same result. Though the app also include a secure service, I haven't be using it so far, to keep things as simple as possible.

Version of WinSCP: Version 5.7.5 (Build 5665)
Version of Microsoft Windows: Windows 10 Pro (10.0.10240)
Transfer protocol: WebDAV
GUI or scripting/automation: GUI in Commander interface style
winscp.log (26.5 KB) [Download]

Description: Logfile of logon and directory listing

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A response from Air Sharing looks like:


This imo violates the WebDAV specification which mandates that the <response> tag has to contain (in addition to <href>) at least one <propstat> (or <status> in case of errors).

See RFC 4918 section 14.24:

<!ELEMENT response (href, ((href*, status)|(propstat+)), error?, responsedescription? , location?) >

WinSCP ignores entries without <propstat>.

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