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I had recently installed WinSCP3, newest version just yesterday, as Commander mode, and left some checkbox which had to do with FLAG URLs or something on.

After this, I can't seem to connect to me hotmail using ethier latest FireFox version, or Internet Explorer.

Has WinSCP somehow interfered with link resolution? or could this just be a coincidence?

What else could be the cause of this?

I can get to hotmail's login, but from there the screen just goes blank, the browser stops "working"/"loading" stuff, And it says it's done.
Obviously it's not done, as it shold load my into screen/inbox.

Using the link directly from MSN messenger also yields the same problem.

I haven't installed anything else recently, or done any changes to any internet settings, or any updates since it's stopped working.


Nevermind... can delete this post/topic.

My account won't load on another comptuer (which doens't havE it installed) ethier.

I would't think a program like this would have any interference anyways.

I still need to know what's wrong though... I guess their server is temporarily (not too temporary IMO) down or something.


I can finally access my account.
The strange thing was that I couldn't access mine, But eveyrone else could access theirs.
I had tried on two different browsers, and two totally different computers.

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