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Please, if you could do two settings of 'No confirmations' property - one for classical file transfer and other one for remote files editing. The problem is, that I need to have confirmations turned on for classical file transfer (to prevent files overwriting and ...) but if I am editing some remote file (using ctrl-e) i need this turned off.

It is not comfortable to switch this everytime. And the biggest problem is, if I am editing some remote file (using external editor) and have confirmations turned on - I have problem to save this file twice because after first save operation WinSCP asks me if to overwrite and the file is "blocked". I don't want to switch everytime between WinSCP and editor after each Save.

Thank you.
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You should not be asked to confirm file overwrite when uploading from editor. At least I'm not Smile

What version of WinSCP are you using? What is your editor settings (Editor tab of Preferences window)?
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