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Anton P.


I mainly use WinSCP for two purposes: backing up work, and uploading webpages. In my case the remote fileserver is the same, and I have two main directories:


When I transfer files to some subdirectory of mydocs, I want the default permissions to be -rw------- with "Add X to directories".

When I transfer files to some subdirectory of public_html, I need the default permissions to be -rw-r--r-- with "Add X to directories".

[Incidentally, thanks for making "Add X to directories" use the common-sense approach of only adding an X for user-groups which are given R.]

I'd love it if I could tell WinSCP that when I'm transferring into a subdirectory of public_html, it should use one set of default permissions, and that in all other cases it should use another.

I understand that, in theory, there is no logical limit to the complexity of this; you could have a "profile" for any directory you wanted. But, to begin with, it seems reasonable that there should at least be a way of informing WinSCP of a web directory which may well require different default permissions than other directories.

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I receive regularly requests to make some defaults specific to somethink else, be it session, server, directory or file. It would together make up rather complex system. I do not mean I'll never implement it, but it is not high priority for me.
Martin Prikryl

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