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Paul Klump


Since the demise of the OpenSSH for Windows project, I've been looking for a suitable replacement, and I'm particulary impressed with WinSSHD by BitVise.

According to their Usage FAQ (, WinSCP can be configured to work with WinSSHD, by installing Cygwin and seting up WinSCP to use a BASH shell. I have done this on a test box, and I have configured a test user to use a BASH shell. Things work perfect when making a SSH connection with puTTY, but I'm not having luck with configuring WinSCP to make a proper connection.

Has anyone else out there been able to get WinSCP to work with WinSSHD? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.



Hi, Paul
My connection WinSCP to WinSSHD working very well. I have used Cygwin as terminal shell - I have set "C:\cygwin\bin\bash --login" in Setting->Shell item.
Of course, you must have allow "Permit shell" in setting box. Shell initial dir is not important.

And how to set WinSCP? I use last version WinSCP. Connection is workig also with default setting, only with fill up IP, port, Login and passw or private key. That is all.

Note - test: You will have setting ready, if You will connection with Tunnelier a his tool "bvterm" will have using Cygwin's bash.

Sorry, I don't using Putty, I am not able tell you anything about this. But it must to be similar!

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