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Hi folks...

When I log on my machine as administrator with PuTTY, my home directory is set to:

C:\Document and Settings\Username\, and then I can cd to any directory on my c: drive.

If I log with WinSCP, the root directory is set inside the OpenSSH installation folder, and I cannot exit from that!

Is that a WinSCP behaviour, or OpenSSH has some setting for sftp that are different to the login ones?
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Yes, that's feature of OpenSSH on Windows or rather of Cygwin.

To go to root directory in WinSCP you need to use Open directory command and manually type path to root directory: /cygdrive/c (for C: ).

You would probably want to bookmark the directory, not to type it again all the time. Or use it as initial remote directory.

Thank you, this completely solved the problem (it is funny, as /cygdrive/ is not listed on the root folder!)

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