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I have to transfer csv-files from Windows XP to linux (Suse 9.1, openssh 3.8p1-37.17). (csv-files = coma separated values, about 700 characters per line, 40-90 MB per file)
Binary transfer gets OK. But text mode transfer with scp uses full cpu power and nothings transfers - I must manualy interrupt the transfer. Text mode transfer with sftp breaks at random point (after sevral MB transfered) with error code 11 (connection unexpectedly broken).
I tried it on Windows 98 also - full cpu usage ends with "out of memory".
WinSCP version 3.7.4


I just found explaination for "out of memory" in Windows 98 with scp text mode:
But endless 90% cpu usage on Windows XP (enough memory = 784MB real + 1GB swp) stays unexplained. And unexpectedly closed connection by sftp also.
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Thanks, I'll check it.
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