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Hello all,

I've been using WinSCP for a while now and enjoy it a lot and, have a request/suggestion.

I found when I delete a folder which contains many files and folders and to varying depths, it takes forever to delete that 'folder structure'. In these cases I open a terminal window and voila, I type command line instruction to recursively delete the contained first level folder contents. This option is instantaneous. It deletes the stated folder instantaneously, irrespective of depth.

Here's my thinking; would it be possible for the regular GUI delete from the right-click pop-up menu, to have an option to delete a folder's content using the regular delete command (rm -r folder/) for each folder/file found in the containing folder. Currently it seems it is deleting each folder/file individually, on at a time.

If this was possible the delete in the GUI would be 99% faster.

Kind regards
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You probably refer to SFTP protocol. This protocol does not have "recursive delete" command. What you did requires opening separate shell session, similar to the one used by SCP protocol. So it has numerous disadvantages:
  • Requires second authentication. This can be annoying if you need to type the password again. And takes quite time over slow connections.
  • User may not be allowed to open two connections at the same time.
  • Requires unix environment on the other end (for the "rm" command), while SFTP is platform-indepenent.
  • And many other... Smile

In other words if you know that it works for you and above limitations does not limit you, use it. But I cannot make it default behaviour. To make it easier, setup custom command "rm -r !".

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