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I tried using winscp instead of the scp built in Cygwin. The download speed from my server was the same but the cpu load was very hight.

Scp used to have a cpu occupation beetween 3 and 5 %
but WinSCP had a cpu occupation beetween 40 and 50 % (depending of how many other programs were load, anyway the total load were stick to 100%)

I think a such important load should result of a bug, I don't find any bugzilla or other system for bugs report, so i put this in this thread.

My configuration is :
Athlon XP barton @ 2.3GHz (a little bit more than a 3200+)
1go of ram
100mbps connection to my server (a little duron 1100 with 256mo ram and openSSH)
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I'll check cygwin. However I know that WinSCP has only little higher load then PSCP/PSFTP (of which it is based). So if there is a problem, it is not in my code, so it would be hard for me to change anything.
Martin Prikryl

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