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Hi there,

I've got the folllowing directory structure on a FTP server:

In every directory should be pdf files and I didn't know the subdirectory names. Only /data is what I know. I want to get all pdf files and delete them after downloading.

I tried different scripts at least the following script
open sftp://xxx:yyy@server:22
get -delete /data/*.PDF D:\pdf_data\
get -delete /data/2*/*.PDF D:\pdf_data\
get -delete /data/2*/T*/*.PDF D:\pdf_data\

But it didn't work. Can someone help me how to do it correctly?

Thanks in advance
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There's no easy solution for this using WinSCP scripting.

All you can do is using plain get with enabled XML logging. After the download finishes, parse the XML log to find a list of downloaded files and generate delete script for these.


Though easier is to use PowerShell script with WinSCP .NET assembly.

- Do a regular download = do not set remove parameter of Session.GetFiles to true.
- Iterate TransferOperationResult.Transfers returned by the Session.GetFiles.
- For each successful download of a file, call Session.RemoveFiles.


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