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We use WINSCP extensively - mainly for SFTP but are having difficulty setting up for FTPS.
So far unable to identify issue.

Here is the command line:
winscp.exe /console /script=test.txt /log=log.txt

cmd /C "$winscpexehome\" /script="$winscpexehome\script_FTPS_GET.txt" /parameter $FTPUser $FTPPassword $FTPServer $RemoteFileName $LocalFilePath

Here is the script_FTPS_GET.txt script:

-- start --
option batch on
option confirm off
open ftps://%1%:%2%@%3% -explicittls -explicitssl -passive -certificate="14:db:d6:34:65:63:81:5a:6d:ba:26:97:ea:d0:48:79:cd:e9:73:a8"
lcd c:\program files (x86)\winscp\Input
cd "'%4%'"
get "'%4%'" %5%
-- end --

After running the script I get following:

Can't get attributes of file ''aaaa.bbbb.cccc.STMTARVL.TXT''.

WinSCP Version 5.7.6 (Build 5874) (OS 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 - Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard) Session log file is attached.
winscp_status.log (13.5 KB) [Download]

Description: log file



pls ignore "winscp.exe /console /script=test.txt /log=log.txt " in previous post.
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I do not see anything even remotely resembling aaaa.bbbb.cccc.STMTARVL.TXT in the directory listing.

Anyway, I doubt WinSCP will be able to parse the unusual listing format of your server.


We are connecting to a mainframe dataset (i have obscured the name in the log).
I think the issue is in relation to what is detailed here: <invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

I can perform a FTPS PUT against the data set.

But am unable to FTPS GET from same dataset (error 550 : no data sets found - can't get attributes of file 'DATA_SET_NAME_HERE'.

Is there any chance of WINSCP supporting the LS *

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