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Hello, we are no longer getting the time out error, thanks for the help. Our latest issue is not being able to run a string of script commands. We were executing .bat scripts in the past to run commands on the UNIX server using the old method of A sample of how we used to do it is below. Is there some way we can run a string of commands using the new WinSCPNet.dll?

Dim SftpProcess As Process = New Process()
With SftpProcess.StartInfo
.FileName = ""
.UseShellExecute = False
.RedirectStandardInput = True
.CreateNoWindow = True
End With

With SftpProcess.StandardInput
.WriteLine("call /alps/system/upd_add.ksh")
End With
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I assume you mean "shell script", not ".bat script", right?

If you are looking for a call replacement, use Session.ExecuteCommand:

The replacements are documented in "Converting to .NET Assembly" sections:

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