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Hi all,
Please excuse me if my question cover some topics, but I can't find exactly my theme.
So, I want upload files in remote folder which is created with timestamp for everyday.

1) I have path /home/user
2) script which find on winscp example - works, but I tried to change.
3) I success to create remote folder with session.CreateDirectory

But, I can't change location on ftp side, after create directory.

I'm using powershell version 1, on windows 2003 server.

Upload scripts as attached file.

Thank you for your time.
ps_script.txt (1.9 KB) [Download]

Description: script upload ftp

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You need to use absolute paths.

$stamp = $(Get-Date -f "ddMMyyyy")

#Trying create newfolder
$session.CreateDirectory(("/" + $stamp))

# Upload files, collect results
$transferResult = $session.PutFiles($localPath, ("/" + $stamp + "/*"))

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