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I have problem with FTPS connection. When I try to download files from server (session.GetFiles), I get the next error: "Copying files from remote side failed. Unable to build data connection: Operation not permitted."

This is my code:

SessionOptions sessionOptions = new SessionOptions
FtpMode = FtpMode.Passive,
Protocol = Protocol.Ftp,
FtpSecure = FtpSecure.Explicit,
HostName = strFtpUrl,
PortNumber = strFtpPort,
UserName = strFtpUser,
Password = strFtpPass,
TlsHostCertificateFingerprint = strFtpHostKey,
Timeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(60)
sessionOptions.AddRawSettings("ProxyMethod", "3");
sessionOptions.AddRawSettings("ProxyHost", ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["UrlProxy"]);
sessionOptions.AddRawSettings("ProxyPort", ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["PortProxy"]);
sessionOptions.AddRawSettings("ProxyUsername", ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["UserProxy"]);
sessionOptions.AddRawSettings("ProxyPassword", ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["PassProxy"]);

using (Session session = new Session())
//session.DisableVersionCheck = true;

var transferOptions = new TransferOptions {TransferMode = TransferMode.Ascii};
transferOptions.ResumeSupport.State = TransferResumeSupportState.Off;

// Download the files in the OUT directory.
var transferOperationResult = session.GetFiles(strFtpFullPath, strDestFullPath, false, transferOptions);

// Check and throw if there are any errors with the transfer operation.

Any ideas?

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Can you download the files using WinSCP GUI or any other FTP client?
Martin Prikryl

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