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I am trying to do a simple file transfer to an SFTP site using a .bat file to call, passing it a basic script file. This is how all the examples I can find on the internet seem to show how to do things. If I manually type the open/put statements into the CMD window, everything works great, but when I try to run the .bat file, I get the error:
"Opening session using command-line parameter in scripting is deprecated. Use 'open' command instead".

The .bat file simply contains: /script = SFTPTest.txt

The SFTPTest.txt file contains:
# Connect to SFTP site
open sftp://login:password@hostsite
# Upload the file to current working directory
put Testfile.TXT
# Disconnect
# Exit WinSCP

Any ideas how to get this working? My hope is to be able to schedule the .bat file to run daily to copy the file to the SFTP site.

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Perhaps try this in your batch file:
WinSCP.exe /console /script=SFTPTest.txt

And place the bat file in your WinSCP folder where the WinSCP.exe file is located.


Hot damn! It looks like fixed the problem.

It's interesting, because I was following the syntax in the WinSCP documentation, and it didn't show using the /console option.

Thank you very much
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It has nothing to do with the /console parameter, as that's implicit with you were using.

The problem was the spaces around the =.

This is the correct syntax: /script=SFTPTest.txt

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