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I'm trying to upload a file and I'm getting

Error:Cannot overwrite remote file '/studentlists'.$$ <which is the directory on the upload and is empty when testing code
Press 'Delete' to delete the file and create a new one instead of overiting it. $$

I'm using the VBA code...
is there a way to overwite an existing file?
or sync a single file using VB?

blah blah blah for SessionOptions


' Upload files
Dim myTransferOptions As New TransferOptions
myTransferOptions.TransferMode = TransferMode.Binary

Dim transferResult As TransferOperationResult
transferResult = mySession.PutFiles("\\aiken\ProdCognos\ITExtracts\studentlist.csv", "\studentlists", False, myTransferOptions)

' Throw on any error

' Display results
Dim transfer As TransferEventArgs
For Each transfer In transferResult.Transfers
MsgBox("Upload of " & transfer.FileName & " succeeded")
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The correct syntax is:

transferResult = mySession.PutFiles("\\aiken\ProdCognos\ITExtracts\studentlist.csv", "/studentlists/", False, myTransferOptions)

As documented:

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