dont warking same script on 5.9



dont warking same script on 5.9

Only 5.9 on Windows7(32bit), no longer work is Script that was moving before

CommandLine as follows:
set lf=%date:~-10,4%%date:~-5,2%%date:~-2,2%
"C:\winscppath\winscp" /script="D:\dairywork\trans_serv1.scr" /log="M:\ServerLogs\serv1\scplog\log_%lf%.log" > M:\ServerLogs\serv1\scplog\bat_%lf%.log

file bat_yyyymmdd.log Appears as follows:
No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page

file log_yyyymmdd.log does not exist

but. Same Script(trans_serv1.scr) is operating properly under the following Client conditions: 5.9 on Windows StorageServer 2012R2(64bit) 5.7.7 on Windows StorageServer 2012R2(64bit) 5.7.7 on Windows 7(32bit)

trans_serv1.scr Script as follows:
open user1@serv1
option batch on
option confirm off
option transfer binary
option reconnecttime 30
synchronize local "M:\ServerLogs\serv1\http\purelog" /inetpub/logs/LogFiles/Apache
synchronize local "M:ServerLogs\serv1\ftp\purelog" /inetpub/logs/LogFiles/FTPSVC2

serv1 Setting at All Client as follows:
Password is saved
UTF-8 Encode is Auto

Targer serv1 Server works IIS-FTP on Windows 2008R2
Target FTP Site Settings : Allow UTF-8 is True
(but , it did not change even if set to False)

If Using winscp.exe 5.9 GUI will work without problems.

I do not only continue to use 5.7.7 ?

But is another matter , I want to quit to output the raw password to log.

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