Topic "The issue of connecting to SFTP server via script.Urgent!!!"

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Hi all,

I'm trying to download a file via Winscp with the script, but the connection could not be established.

Here is the first script as below:

# start script code
open s
option transfer binary
get *.bak c:\
# end script

Then, Winscp tried to search the server, but it was failed. please see the attachment of winscp1.

Secondly, I added " -explicit" in the script, then Winscp tried to connect the server. looks like better, but it was failed again eventually. please see the attachment of winscp2.

# start script code
open s -explicit
option transfer binary
get *.bak c:\
# end script

Therefore, I'm assuming maybe there is something wrong with the setup of -explicit that is using as Encryption between c/s. Please feel free to give me any advice and suggestions.

By the way, I'm using the batch file to execute the script. And the batch file as below:

# start
winscp.exe /console /script=my_script.txt
# end

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Can you connect to the server at all? Have you tried connecting manually in the GUI (without a script) to see what happens?
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Can you connect to the server anyhow? Using WinSCP GUI or using any other FTP client?

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