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We have a local area network with a software router. We can not connect to the internet/remote host because og the software router. What is the expected installation concerning Ports, passwords etc. ?
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WinSCP is normal TCP/IP client connecting to port 22 (by default). I do not know what do you need to know more.
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Hmm, after checking around the forum I found it prolly was the best place to ask my noobish question...

Gotta the regulat DSL line, with a router linking together a Win comp and a Linux comp.
Now, when I use WinSCP between these two comps, using local IPS, all goes fine. I wanted to test if a remote WinSCP use would be possible, so I set my router to forward port 22, and try to connect WinSCP to the external router IP... And no connection goes. It seems the two comps start to communicate thou, but can't establish connection. Is the port forwarding blocking packets going from the server towards the client ?

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