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hi all,

Im using SFTP and ssh for my functions (Sync func, Watching for changes func and so).
It all worked fine but suddenly i get the "Too many users for this IP" error.

I think that "Watching for changes" func is using more than 8 connections, because for testing purposes i called it "on load" and maybe its the problem.

So now, i cant use any of my functions. I also get this error when i try to login with Winscp.exe.

how can i close the connections (if thats the problem) and fix the problem?

Please help.
Ftpint@.log (472.14 KB) Private file

Description: winscp.exe

!S.log (70.67 KB) Private file

Description: code

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The "Watching for changes" is using a single connection only.

And I have no idea what you mean by "on load".

Also WinSCP closes the connection automatically. There's nothing you can do more. It's not even technically possible for a connection to survive a process exit.

I looks like a server-side problem or some network problem. I assume the problem resolves itself after some time, once the server times out the connections.

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