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I use WinSCP v.5.9.3.
Does not work I use "exclude mask" in the GET or SYNCHRONIZE for files that are placed in subdirectories.

There is command and here are the problem subdirectory "scripts/dirctn*.csv;scripts/files.txt". For the entire subdirectory it works without problems.
get -transfer=binary -filemask="|.svn/;dwh_start;ARCHIVE/;scripts/dirctn*.csv;scripts/files.txt" /SECP/Eu/DS/prod/parameters f:\svn\Test\NTETL404\DS\prod\parameters

It's a bug or feature?
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As for:

According to docs:

When a mask selects files and it makes sense to select them based on directory, you can extend the mask with a path mask. You should separate the path mask from the filename mask by a slash. For example mask /home/martinp/*.txt matches all text files within the directory. To match all text files within subtree, use mask /home/martinp/*.txt; /home/martinp/*/*.txt
+ note 3) Simpler, but less precise, form would be /home/martinp*/*.txt

Try to use the full path to

The path mask is matched against full path, i.e. not against path relative path to a root of file transfer or synchronization. E.g. mask public_html/wiki/ does not match /home/martinp/public_html/wiki directory, even if the root of file transfer or synchronization is /home/martinp. Partial path mask that matches an absolute path may look like */public_html/wiki/.

For a partial path mask it makes no difference whether you use back (\) or forward slashes (/); the mask will always work for both local and remote paths. For example, a mask */public_html/*.bak will match backup files both in D:\Documents\public_html\ and /home/martinp/public_html/.

You can also specify full path to a specific file or directory, both local and remote. For example if you want to match only a specific .csv directory, not all, use /home/martinp/data/.csv/ instead of .csv/.

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