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When i try to duplicate a folder, i have this message :

List index out of bounds (-1)

Trace de la pile :
(001B4471) Vcl::Stdctrls::TCustomComboBoxStrings::GetObject
(001B4471) Vcl::Stdctrls::TCustomComboBoxStrings::GetObject
(007FB3AF) TRemoteTransferDialog::IsCurrentSessionSelected
(0020D9C1) Vcl::Forms::TCustomForm::CloseQuery
(0020E083) Vcl::Forms::TCustomForm::ShowModal
(007FAC49) TRemoteTransferDialog::Execute
(007FA91D) DoRemoteCopyDialog
(000146E0) TCustomScpExplorerForm::RemoteTransferDialog
(000147D3) TCustomScpExplorerForm::RemoteTransferFiles
(0000E8C7) TCustomScpExplorerForm::ExecuteFileOperation
(0000EAB8) TCustomScpExplorerForm::ExecuteFileOperation
(0000EB3F) TCustomScpExplorerForm::ExecuteFileOperationCommand
(00037694) TNonVisualDataModule::ExplorerActions Execute
(003B521C) System::Actions::TContainedActionList::ExecuteAction
(0019C395) Vcl::Actnlist::TCustomAction::Execute
(00373100) System::Classes::_18201
(0002C2B1) USER32.dll
(0000D885) USER32.dll
(0000D1DF) USER32.dll
(0000CF9B) USER32.dll.DispatchMessageW

Can anyone tell me how can i solve this ?
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Thanks for your report.
I have sent you an email with a debug version of WinSCP to the address you have used to register on this forum.

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