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I am planning on automating some ftp file transfers via simple scripts. To get a feel for it I took a sample script and modified it as follow:

# Connect
open ftp://XXbackup:password@
# Change remote directory
cd \FTPTest
# Force binary mode transfer
# option transfer binary
# Download file to the local directory d:\
get background1.jpg s:\FTPBackup\TNSQL\FTPTest\
# Disconnect

The script is supposed to connect to the ftp server (Filezilla FTP server) and then transfer the file background1.jpg to a local folder. When I run the script it seems to connect OK and then it shows the following error:

Error transferring file '/FTPTest/background1.jpg'.
Copying files from remote side failed
Can't open data connection for transfer of "/FTPTest/background1.jpg"

I have attached a screen shot of it as well.

One thing to add its that it does create a file in the local folder called background1.jpg but it has 0 bytes,


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Can you download the file in WinSCP GUI or using any other FTP client?

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