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Please forgive my newbie ignorance. I have an appliance (APPL01) that I need to patch. it requires a path to the patch of ftp://username:password@hostname|IP_address/software_location_and_name. I have WinSCP and the patch on a windows server SERVER01 ( Patch is c:\temp\

When I launch WinSCP, what should I be entering for the login host name, user name and password - the appliance or my windows server? I've tried SERVER01, domain/myusername and password but it fails. Entering appliance info seems to work.

What's the correct syntax for the ftp command? I'm assuming the hostname|IP_address is referring to my windows server and therefore will require my AD credentials: ftp://JDOE:mypassword@ This nor any variations work.
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If you want to connect to the appliance, you have to use the hostname or IP address of the appliance.

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