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I was recently using WinSCP version 3.7.6 build 306, and ran into a weird problem that I cannot resolve.

I was using WInSCP to move some Nessus scan files from a SLES9 unix box to my Laptop running XP.

I opened the directory on the SLES box where I had just created a Nessus scan html report, and noticed that WinSCP listed the time for the file incorrectly. It added an hour.

I checked the SLES box and confirmed that the time was correct, and matched my XP laptop. The time was 3:05pm but WinSCP showed the file time at 4:05pm.

Upon using WinSCP to copy the text file to my laptop, I noticed the file copied over with a creation time of 4:05pm.

I checked the files on the SLES box and they show the file creation time of 3:05pm.

I can find no reason for this error on either the SLES box or my laptop.

I saw some other posts similar to this problem.

I had checked my time zone on my laptop

GMT -8

Our unix boxes are all using a NTP

We are locked down to:
protocal 2


I made this adjustment and it now is working correctly.

2. The setting:
WinSCP Login > Environment> Daylight saving time > Server adjusts DST

instead of the default:
WinSCP Login > Environment> Daylight saving time > Sever works in UTC time (adjust DST locally)


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