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Good news - my problem is solved. It's not WinSCP, it's my internet service provider. The solution is close port 22 on the server side and move to a port above 20000.

Installed Denyhosts on the server and it banned 500 hosts in a week but I still couldn't upload via winscp.
Using port 22, the disconnects were so frequent with winscp and putty I tried moving to a higher port number. Changed openssh listening port and the router ports and now everything works.

Winscp 5.9.4 7333, from Portable Executables link on
Last working version: unknown. maybe a year ago?
Windows 10 Home
Protocol: SCP
Using Gui, style is ? (the default)
Connecting to: Fresh install of Linux Mint 18.1 cinnamon 64bit and openssh 7.2p2
Network error: Software caused connection abort
Steps: login to remote pc, drag any file from left side to right side. Upload will stall at 65536 bytes, then timeout. Browsing folders local & remote works fine and renaming files works.

Just posting this to maybe help somebody else - most recent search result for upload failing at 65536 bytes is from 2011. (15.98 KB) [Download]

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